5 Spy Apps to Monitor Anyone’s Smartphone Activities

5 Spy Apps to Monitor Anyone’s Smartphone Activities

You can monitor anyone’s smartphone activities with a Spy App. These applications can help you monitor phone calls and internet usage. You can view call duration and timestamps, and detect changes in sim cards and IMEI numbers. They also record videos and allow you to view social media content, emails, and websites.

Spapp Monitoring

If you want to monitor your children’s social media activity, Spapp Monitoring is an app you should check out. The app lets you track every message sent and received on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Spapp Monitoring can also track WhatsApp and other messaging apps.

Unlike other apps that can only track certain types of activity, Spapp Monitoring is able to track the target’s internet activity regardless of whether it is jailbroken or rooted. It can also track bookmarks, websites visited recently, and more. This makes it a useful tool for both monitoring kids and preventing theft. However, the app is not free and only has a demo version available for download.

Another feature of Spapp Monitoring is the ability to view the list of applications on the target’s phone. This can be extremely helpful if you’re concerned about your child using a dating app or if you want to check up on your employees. Spapp Monitoring even has parental controls so that you can block access to certain apps.


If you’re looking for a spy app that gives you the most information on a spouse’s cell phone activity, FlexiSpy is your answer. Its powerful features will let you track calls, see who your spouse is chatting with, and monitor everything from their social media accounts to SMS and IM messages. This application is also capable of monitoring GPS locations and other important data like contact names and media usage. The premium version of the app comes with many additional features, including a dashboard that allows you to set up notifications.

FlexiSPY can be installed on several devices, including Android and iOS devices. It also features remote support. The FlexiSPY software can be installed remotely and is hidden in the background, allowing you to spy on any activity without the person being aware. Using FlexiSPY’s dashboard, you can also access footage from the target device. Additionally, FlexiSPY includes a keylogger that records passwords, usernames, and codes. You can even use it to unlock the target device.


If you’re worried that your children are accessing inappropriate material on the internet or being bullied at school, uMobix is the solution. The app works silently in the background, taking up little battery power or phone hardware. Its monitoring data is uploaded to a cloud server, allowing you to view it at a glance. uMobix can be installed on Android and iOS devices using physical access or iCloud credentials.

Parents can monitor calls and SMS conversations through the app. The app can also track social media activity. Social media is one of the most common sources of bullying and inappropriate content.


Spyzie is a spy app that lets you monitor the target phone’s calls, text messages, and iMessages. The app has several other features, too, such as tracking social media accounts. It can monitor WhatsApp chat, Facebook conversations, and even Tinder. In addition to monitoring the target’s phone, Spyzie can also monitor Tinder.

Spyzie works on both Android and iOS devices. The app installs itself onto the target device and uses iCloud to log into social networks. It can access all the messages and pictures in an account. It can read the phone’s location, calendar, contacts, and SMS content. Users can also restrict the time that Spyzie can run on their device.

Spyzie is available from the Google Play store. It works on Android devices from Android 4 to Android 7. If you’re using an iOS device, Spyzie requires iOS 8.0 and above. It also requires a valid email address. After registration, you’ll receive login details and links to the Spyzie apk. Once installed, the app will place a temporary icon on the target device. It won’t be noticeable on the device, but it will remain on the device.

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