Fenugreek Seeds Have 8 Surprising Health Benefits

Fenugreek Seeds Have 8 Surprising Health Benefits

India is known for its judicious use of a wide variety of spices. The quintessential spice box in the Indian kitchens consists of various spices that are used in everyday cooking. One of these spices is the fenugreek seeds, also known as methi seeds. The slight nutty, bitter taste profile of these organic fenugreek seeds make them an excellent flavoring agent in various dishes.

But fenugreek seeds are not popular just for their taste. This spice is an essential part of the traditional Indian medicine Ayurveda. From improved digestion to diabetes and blood sugar control to even increased breast milk production, fenugreek seeds have many excellent health benefits.

Here are the top health benefits of organic fenugreek seeds you never knew about.

8 Surprising Health Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds

So, why should you buy fenugreek seeds and how will including them as a part of your diet be beneficial? Here are the top benefits ok making these seeds your kitchen or pantry staple.

1. Fenugreek Seeds Control Your Blood Sugar Levels

Research studies conducted in the past two decades has consistently proven that intake of fenugreek seeds can lower and maintain high blood sugar levels in patients suffering from diabetes. Whether you are suffering from type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, these seeds can be beneficial for you. With regular intake of these seeds, your fasting blood glucose levels will come down and you will also experience and improved glucose tolerance.

2. Fenugreek Seeds Improve Your Heart Health

The high dietary fiber and potassium contents present in fenugreek seeds help lower and stablilize your blood pressure levels and control your cholesterol. Regular intake of these seeds reduces your serum cholesterol, LDL contents and triglyceride levels. All of these together result in improved heart health in the long run.

3. Fenugreek Seeds Increase Breast Milk Production

We all know how vital mother’s milk is for babies at least until they are a year old. Sometimes, due to various reasons, a mother may not be able to produce enough milk. In such cases, supplementation with fenugreek seeds has known to be extremely beneficial in improving the production of millk. Though the exact reason is not known, it is believed that fenugreek seeds increase the production of oxytocin and insulin hormones in the body which can result in increased milk production. Many galactagogues or supplements used to improve breast milk production contain fenugreek as one of the major ingredients.

4. Your Breast Friend In Your Weight Loss Journey

We already know that fenugreek seeds are high in fiber. These seeds are rich in a kind of fiber known as mucilaginous fiber. So, what does that mean to your weight loss? For one, you will feel fuller for longer due to the high fiber content. In addition, you have better bowel movements which improves your overall metabolism. The mucilaginous fiber creates a kind of coating on your intestines and reduces the absorption of sugars and fats. Overall, you are eating lesser, your metabolism is quicker, and you are able to lose weight much faster.

5. Fenugreek Seeds Help Fight Cancer

Organic fenugreek seeds are known to have cancer-inhibiting properties in many types of cancer including breast cancers, skin cancers, lung cancers, prostate cancers, and cancers of the gastro-intestinal tract. Some research studies also show that the properties of fenugreek seeds stop abnormal cell growth in the case of colon cancers and blood cancers such as leukemia. All these benefits can be attributed to the presence of a component known as diosgenin which will help synthesize cortisone and progesterone hormones, both of which may play a role in curbing abnormal cell growth.

6. Your Quest For Lustrous Hair Ends With Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds prevent hair loss and encourage the production of new hair by stimulating the follicles. In addition, organic fenugreek seeds also curb dandruff. If you are looking for a way to healthy hair, you can buy fenugreek seeds, make a paste of them after soaking them in water and apply this paste to your hair.

7. Fenugreek Seeds Are An Excellent Cure For Heart Burn

If you are struggling with acidity or heart burn, fenugreek seeds may be the cure you are looking for. While the high dietary fiber will regulate your digestion process, the mucilage content will coat the surface of the intestines and prevents the lining of the intestines from getting irritated and inflamed

8. The Pain Relieving Properties of Fenugreek Seeds Make Them an Efficient Pain Killer

These properties have caused fenugreek seeds to form a vital component in many branches of ancient medicine. The alkaloids present in these seeds are believed to block the pain preceptors that come in from the brain. As a result, you will experience reduced pain and feel better.

So, there you have it, the top benefits of fenugreek seeds. A word of caution though. Always remember to exercise moderation when consuming fenugreek seeds. You can consume these seeds after roasting or soaking them. If you plan to buy fenugreek seeds, always buy organic ones.

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