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How to Quickly Find Saved and Liked Reels on Facebook?

How to Quickly Find Saved and Liked Reels on Facebook?

Reels, a TikTok-like function, changed into first introduced on Instagram. Owing to its massive success and extremely good engagement rate, Reels has also been a new addition to Facebook. Creators can now promote Instagram Reels on Facebook to broaden their exposure.

(Given they’ve synced their Facebook and Instagram accounts) Surprisingly, Facebook is now making Reels to be had to all customers inside the United States, iOS and Android.

But finding the choice to observe reels isn’t as simple on Facebook as on Instagram. Facebook already has many functions and content material sorts starting from movies, markets, pages, and whatnot.

Finding FB reels that you liked and saved amongst a lot of these other home windows can be tough.

In this article, you may learn how to search reels on Facebook out of your Android and iPhone devices. We will even assist you to find liked and saved reels for your Facebook app as an advantage.

How To Find Saved And Liked Reels On The Facebook App?

While scrolling thru the reels, you turn out to be liking and saving the video you absolutely experience. But if you want to rewatch the Facebook reel later.

It’s often hard to do not to forget the writer’s name and discover the reel. This warfare is ready to trade with Facebook reels. You can view all the reels you saw, preferred, and saved in a single area.

Earlier the procedure to find favored and saved reels on Facebook changed into comparable however now the steps to locate appreciated reels are barely distinct. Let’s see how to search stored reels on Facebook first:

How To Find Saved FB Reels?

Just follow the stairs and locate all of the reels you saved through the years in one region.

  • Open the Facebook reels feed.
  • Tap for your profile icon inside the pinnacle right corner.
  • Tap on ‘Saved Reels’ to go to the stored FB reels phase.

How To Find Liked Reels On Facebook?

While seeking out liked reels, you may additionally find all of the other posts which you favored in a single region.

The list will display the posts, films, reels, merchandise, pages, and occasions you liked or reacted to in chronological order. Based on the dates, you will need to find the especially liked reel you’re searching out.

Here’s how you may get the right of entry to all of your appreciated reels on Facebook:

  • Go to the Facebook reel feed as we confirmed in the tutorial above
  • Tap on your profile icon inside the pinnacle right nook
  • Tap on the three dots within the pinnacle right nook.
  • Select “Activity log”
  • Go to Interactions.
  • Tap on Likes and Reactions.
  • Scroll via the listing to find the liked FB reel you’re looking for.
  • Once you discover the reel you have been searching for, faucet on the 3 dots subsequent to it.
  • Select View and watch the liked FB reel once more.

How To Search Reels On Facebook?

The FB reel icon is similar to what we’re used to seeing on Instagram new addition. So once you discover reels, it’d not be hard to understand them. However, the place of reels on Facebook is unique for iPhone and Android gadgets. So let’s get directly to it:

3 Ways to Watch Reels on Your iPhone

From FB Home Page: Once you open the Facebook app on your iPhone, you’ll see a small bar with three alternatives at the top of the page new addition. These are ‘Stories’, ‘Rooms’, and ‘Reels’. Tap on Reels.

This will open a small segment beneath the bar with a few reel templates, you may click on any one reel you want to go to the Facebook reels page. Or you may slide the reels to attain the give up of the list and locate the ‘See
More option. This too will take you to the reels page wherein you may watch reels. If you need to create a reel then tap on the first option that states “Create Reel(Make a quick video)”

Using the Search bar: The easiest manner to locate something on Facebook is to apply the search alternative.

From a person’s call to any setting on Facebook, you may find the entirety by searching it on the platform new addition.

Click at the seek bar and sort reels on it. You will then see the Reels alternative. Tap on it to go to the Facebook reel feed. Scroll to look at all the reels on the feed.

From Facebook Menu: The other way to go looking reels on Facebook in your ios tool is thru the menu. Click on the hamburger icon for your Facebook app. Next, click on Reels to start watching Facebook reels. The alternative is subsequent to Pages.

  • Open Facebook app
  • Click on the hamburger menu to visit the menu
  • Tap on Reels to start looking at FB reels

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