Hyperx Cloud Revolver 7.1 Review first came out at the end

Hyperx Cloud Revolver 7.1 Review first came out at the end

When the Cloud Revolver when it first came out at the end of 2016, it was unlike the other models from HyperX however, four years later it’s more out of place. It comes with a huge steel headband that has a huge adjustable suspension strap that is padded which is in stark contrast to the classic , studio-inspired style of almost every other model that they offer.

From the beginning there were a lot of complaints regarding the possibility that the headband made the “ping” sound within the earcups if you did not touch it while wearing the headset. we’ve laughed about it for the past four years. Although it’s true that you could feel a ping in the initial version of the Revolver in the event that you touch the headband’s metal on top of your cranium but I’m still not sure why you’d need to hold the headband in your hands while playing games as well as listening to music or even enough times to cause the noise from the metal to be a nuisance.


But, HyperX responded to the “outcry,” and added small rubber stoppers on the sides of the headband to reduce the noise. They also launched their Revolver S, a small upgrade that included a larger headband pad, as well as an Dolby Headphone USB dongle. They later incorporated the larger pad into the regular Revolver which means that the basic headset remains the same for both models. The famous rubber piece is just above the right ear’s indicator letter, ready to reduce the pings that occur when you press your headset while you listen. Photograph taken by the author.

The base model is priced at about $ 120 ( official product page here) and the “S” upgrade adds 30 dollars on top of the price…though it appears like it’s gradually being removed from the market as I’ve seen regular discounts for it from third party sellers and the official website does not have a purchase button. I picked up a brand fresh Revolver S for my collection at just $110 from Amazon recently, as I’m concerned that it’s likely to disappear forever , based on nothing more than an instinctual feeling. The brand hasn’t seen a major advertising campaign in years or even the latest colors. And nobody has ever asked me questions regarding it since the year 2018.

Revolver Deserves

This is a shame because the Revolver deserves more attention. Contrasting with the warm, but detailed sound you’ll hear across the the Cloud range and the Revolver has a laser-like focus on soundstage and details. The upper midrange can be slightly more abrasive than other HyperX model and gives them a bit of the sparkle and air that the Audio-Technica studio headphones are known for. The large, drivers that are angled inside huge ear cups allow in creating the most spacious and airy sound that you can find in a closed-back gaming device.

I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked that to learn that the S model is slowly disappearing. Hardware-based surround sound is in an upward trend on the market, now that Windows 10 has Windows Sonic included with no charge, while both of the new consoles promise high-quality 3D audio on the hardware regardless of which headphones. Since the release of the Revolver S, HyperX developed their own surround system, which is integrated into their Ngenuity software, which is available on a variety of their latest models. This is better as a bottom-line investment than having to pay fee for licensing to Dolby on every pair.

Roomiest On The Market

The Revolver’s large ear cups are still among the roomiest on the market. Photo taken by the author. However it’s a great product, and the Revolver deserves an upgrade with some new colors instead of being a slow disappearance into the background. It’s got the biggest headband and earcups among the HyperX pair, which makes it ideal for people with bigger heads like mine. It rests comfortably on your head, and then instantly adjusts itself, with only a little effort required to create the perfect fit. The earpads are filled with soft memory foam and despite getting warmer over time, they offer perfect comfortable listening all day long.

It was a Cloud Revolver 2 with a detachable cable or a wireless version with a fresh look could be HyperX’s “Esports” headset, based inspiration from the aviation-style headsets that are so loved in this space. The Revolver did come with a single commercial tie-in release that was a part of Gears of War 4 however, even though it didn’t come with rubber stoppers that would have muted the annoying ping sound I’m sure it proved how flexible the design could be on the aesthetic side. The permanent cable and bulky sides both scream 2016, but a revision could easily fix both of these things. With the Alpha S on the market, I’m not sure if HyperX will ever bother. Photo taken by the author.

Successor To Cloud

In 2020 the Revolver may be seen as an unqualified success however, in 2016, this was the year that it came out as the primary successor to Cloud II. In 2016, the Stinger, Orbit, Flight, Alpha, and MIX have all carried their own HyperX flag, yet they do not have any of the original designs that were incorporated into the Revolver. Its massive steel frame with a suspension headband, as well as a the large soundstage are all elements that I believe will be appealing to people today. Its successor, the Cloud Alpha S has almost substituted it with a price of just 10 bucks more, and includes an adjustable cord, surround dolly and more breathable pads.

Truthfully, despite its overall high-end quality in terms of comfort, build and sound departments however, the Revolver isn’t going to have much to offer you in 2020 unless your an avid user who would like to take a step beyond contemporary models which are available for the same price. If you’re thinking about this model, it’s ideal for those who have the biggest heads, those looking for a wide soundstage, or collectors who wish to own a replica of a long-gone chain of goods.

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