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Make Your Life Easy Peasy With Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps

Make Your Life Easy Peasy With Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps

When you live in an inaccessible apartment or house, you only need an aluminum wheelchair ramp. Unfortunately, some people have to find alternative ways to get around due to the high cost of building ramps. If you live in an area where wheelchair ramps are not available, you might be able to use portable ramps for wheelchairs.

Let us deepen our understanding of wheelchair ramps so you can buy the perfect one for you:

Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps: What Are They?

Wheelchair ramps are beneficial to people with difficulty walking.

 Place them virtually anywhere and use them as a temporary or permanent solution. There are many wheelchair ramps, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

What is Their Function?

Anyone with difficulty walking can benefit from a portable wheelchair ramp. Lightweight metal makes them easy to transport, and they fold up for easy storage. When unfolded, the ramp can assist people in getting up from a seated or kneeling position. Mobility issue sufferers who need assistance getting into or out of vehicles can also benefit from them.

Is Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps Better Than Concrete?

Recently, wheelchair ramps have been a topic of discussion. Others say that both concrete and wheelchair ramps have pros and cons. What is the best wheelchair for you? Take a look!

It is cheaper and easier to maintain portable wheelchair ramps than concrete ramps, but they can be more dangerous as well. Aluminum is a metal that can be sharp if it isn’t handled properly. Therefore, aluminum ramps must be cleaned and kept from corroding, or they can cause injuries. The weight of a wheelchair may not be supported by aluminum because it is less strong than concrete.

Concrete ramps, on the other hand, are usually more stable. There is no maintenance required, and they can handle the weight of a wheelchair well. Furthermore, they are more attractive than aluminum ramps. Due to their weight and difficulty in lifting, concrete ramps can be more challenging to move.

Portable Ramps for Wheelchairs

Pros and Cons of Aluminum Walking Ramps

A portable, lightweight aluminum walking ramp is easy to move from one place to another. Small businesses or homeowners who want to improve accessibility in their space can also benefit from them since they are relatively affordable. Prior to purchasing an aluminum walking ramp, you should consider the following disadvantages:

  1. You’ll need space and manpower to take them down and set them up.
  2. In high-traffic areas or near stairs or other obstacles, aluminum wheelchair ramps may not be appropriate since they are lightweight and portable.
  3. In contrast to traditional ramps made of concrete or steel, aluminum ramps can be damaged if they are not properly maintained.

Before using your new ramp, read the instructions carefully.

Benefits of Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps


It is possible to configure aluminum wheelchair ramps to access any entrance you have. They are also easy to reconfigure if you move or need to move the ramp to another entrance to your home since they are easy to install. Moreover, if you are facing any mobility issues, these ramps are just an addition to bringing a positive change in your life. 

Durability and Longevity

In comparison to wood wheelchair ramps, aluminum wheelchair ramps are lighter, stronger, and more durable. Like wood ramps, they don’t succumb to the elements, nor do they require much maintenance or upkeep.

Easy to Install

Aluminum wheelchair ramps are easy to install, and your SPN Mobility professional installer can install even the most complicated ramp in less than a day, unlike wood ramps that can take 2 or more days to complete. Since aluminum wheelchair ramps are generally considered temporary structures, you may not need a building permit.

Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Another benefit of these ramps is that you will find a huge variety of ramps that are unmatchable. Also, they come in various designs and styles from which you can select per your requirements and budget. 


When it comes to affordability, SPN Mobility is unmatchable. Because we offer these ramps at a fraction of the cost, that can is totally customer-friendly. Also, we do not compromise on quality due to low rates. So, you don’t need to take tension about the cost. Here, you can save a lot. 

Installing Them Yourself

Getting around is easier when people with disabilities use portable wheelchair ramps. These are easy to use and easy to install.

The first step is to measure the ramp’s width. Ensure the width is sufficient for both the wheelchair and the individual using it. 

Next, measure the ramp’s length. The wheelchair and the person using it should both be able to fit in it. 

You will be able to track where each stop is by marking both ends of the ramp with a pencil.

Cut the aluminum ramp into two equal pieces using a chop saw or saw. Aluminum can be sharp, so wear safety goggles and gloves when cutting it.

Next, screw or nail one end of the aluminum ramp to the wheelchair. Check that the wheelchair’s edge is aligned with the ramp’s mark. 

Attach an aluminum wheelchair ramp to each end of the wheelchair, repeating this process. Line up each ramp piece with the ground carefully.

Aluminum Ramp Safety Tips 

If you are using a wheelchair ramp to assist someone up or down a staircase, be sure to use caution. Aluminum ramp safety tips: 

•Make sure the surface you’re stepping on is stable and won’t move.

•Use the ramp carefully and slowly.

•Watch out for people or objects below you.

•If someone falls while using a ramp, be prepared to help them up.

Invest in a Reliable Seller

An aluminum wheelchair ramp near you can be purchased from SPN Mobility, one of the leading sellers in the industry. You can buy wheelchair ramps blindly from us. Find the right one for your home and make it senior-friendly by browsing our gallery. You will also get competitive rates from us.

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