MEDENT EMR and Cardiac Science

MEDENT EMR and Cardiac Science

MEDENT emr is a new platform that allows you to take your patients’ health information and build a personalized treatment plan. It is design to manage the entire treatment process, including patient information, prescriptions, and medical imaging. It also includes a centralized document repository and a video visit feature.

Video visit feature

MEDENT EMR is a cloud-based medical software application aimed at improving workflows in the office. In addition to the usual suspects, the software also boasts a complete disease management capability, including integrated dashboards and comparison graphs. The software suite also includes an advanced drug-monitor and a streamlined health billing system. The software suite can configure to meet the requirements of small to mid-sized practices, medical groups, and hospitals alike. In a nutshell, MEDENT EMR is a medical software solution that helps providers improve workflow, increase revenue, and boost patient satisfaction. The software suite is available as standalone modules or as part of the MEDENT Health Billing Suite, which includes a host of features including the aforementioned software suite. For a peek at the full product line, visit the MEDENT website.

Comprehensive disease management capabilities

MEDENT EMR is an all in one solution for healthcare organizations of all sizes. They offers features such as electronic prescribing, a patient portal, and an integrated document management system. EHR even comes with a five star rating system for doctors. It can be deploy in the cloud or on-site. This is also HIPAA compliant. It uses encryption to protect patient information, and it can configure with a passcode or two.

The EMA system is a scalable cloud-based solution that makes the task of recognizing the names of thousands of patients a snap. They also offers a range of treatment options based on a database of recognized diagnoses. This also has a fancy-pants dashboard for tracking patient progress. Software even has a document-importing system that makes the task of documenting a patient’s visit as painless as possible.

Centralized document repository

Having a Centralized Document Repository can help you save time and money by streamlining the organization of your documents. This document storage system can use to store both paper and electronic files, making it easier for you to keep track of your important documents.

Document repositories can also help you reduce redundant documents, protect your business files from unauthorized changes, and offer easy, secure access to files. They also provide automatic backups and an audit trail.

Document repositories are typically organize with the needs of the users in mind. They provide access to documents for everyone in the organization, including team members. This makes it easier to collaborate and get information to the right people at the right time.

Document repositories are usually use to store all your business files in a single, central location. This makes it easier for you to retrieve documents when you need them. It also makes it easy to share documents with other employees and teams. You can also use a document repository to store documents in the cloud, eliminating the need to store them physically.

Prescription management

MEDENT is an “All-In-One” electronic health record (EHR) solution. It provides medical providers with a wide range of features that streamline patient care and keep practices running smoothly.

With a suite of features spanning practice management, billing, and patient engagement, MEDENT has a solution for nearly any medical practice. It is a “Meaningful Use certified platform” that can be deployed in the cloud or on premise.

A user-friendly user interface makes documenting patient visits easy. It also provides patients with a convenient and secure online portal. The portal includes eVisits, Patient Hx, appointment management, and a self-check-in kiosk.

Medications can be recorded in the patient’s record, as well as in other records. There are also built-in comparison graphs. It has a variety of reporting capabilities and is also aware of MACRA compliance. It also has an adaptive design, which helps ensure that it remembers patient preferences and treatment options.

Partnership with Cardiac Science Corporation

MEDENT and Cardiac Science have partnered on something that may be just the thing. MEDENT, is a leading provider of practice automation solutions. Cardiac Science is a company that manufactures state of the art cardiac monitoring and defibrillation devices for the hospital setting. The two companies will be collaborating on a number of products and services. MEDENT and Cardiac Science also manufactures a slew of EMR/EHR solutions. MEDENT’s portfolio includes a host of offerings including the SRS Hybrid EMR, a plethora of practice management solutions, and a host of practice management software solutions. Cardiac Science also manufactures an impressive line of electrocardiographs, cardiac stress test treadmills, and defibrillators. Both companies offer a range of services including maintenance, service and repair, and a host of training and support solutions.

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