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Mid-Century Modern *All of it* is Now out — Learn how to Mix It Up

Mid-Century Modern *All of it* is Now out — Learn how to Mix It Up

It would be inaccurate to refer to mid-century modern design as a “trend.” The classic design reflects a productive era in design that is still influential today. 

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Several legendary designs, such as the Saarinen tulip dining table and Noguchi’s omnipresent lantern lights, were produced by Marcel Breuer’s Wassily and Cesca chairs during the early MCM boom. One of those enduring fashions, it has influenced almost all current design fads.

Style from the middle of the 2010s, particularly, is feeling a little worn out. So, we’d welcome you to update your MCM appearance for 2022 and beyond. 

We’ve assembled our tips for a more thoughtful and distinctive version of mid-century elements:

Tip 1: Combine various shapes and silhouettes

Prevent purchasing matchy-matchy MCM furniture with the same finish, material, leg form, profile, and color scheme to avoid the movie set appearance. Instead, combine many shapes in a single area. 

Incorporate a crisp mid-century modern sofa and accent chairs with a modern marble coffee table, round side tables, and a wool rug with lots of texture, for instance. It gives the scenario a more stylish and unique spin.

Tip 2: Adopt unexpected color contrasts

Brown, black, burnt orange, olive green, and mustard yellow are prevalent in the conventional mid-century color scheme, which leans dark and neutral. But instead of sticking to this distinctly vintage color scheme, break the rules and add unexpected splashes of bubblegum pink, sky blue, and poppy red to your cognac and saffron base. Your MCM-inspired living room is now attracting attention.

Tip 3: Make your favorite MCM piece shine up

Let your favorite mid-century modern object shine, whether it’s a vintage Noguchi lamp fixture or an original Wassily chair you magically discovered on Facebook Marketplace. Please don’t make it compete with many other vintages or contemporary mid-century pieces; instead, treat it like a gem. 

Letting those priceless historical artifacts take center stage while keeping everything else modest is one aspect of developing an enhanced MCM aesthetic.

Tip 4: Blend several design styles

Instead of going all-out for the mid-century modern look and sticking to one particular era, pair MCM pieces with your second (or even third) most preferred design genre. Every style, whether coastal and modern or glam and farmhouse, is open to some mid-mod flair! 

As always, the charm contrasts; for a more diverse look, we love the notion of pairing Hans Wegner’s wishbone chairs and a glass dining table with an industrial chandelier and rustic decorations.

Tip 5: Make use of MCM lighting

For lack of a better phrase, mid-century modern lighting was and is still on fire, from the Arco floor lamp and Artichoke pendant to the now-ubiquitous Serge Mouille-style fixtures. 

We suggest starting here if you want to add some MCM flair to your home without going overboard. Originals can be found on resale websites like 1stDibs and Chairish, and there are countless modern replicas available at almost every central shop.

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Mid-century modern is a little bit out now, but by mixing it with other styles, and combining various shapes and silhouettes, you may create a perfect look! Mid-century furniture is a style of furniture that was popular in the middle of the 20th century. This style of furniture is characterized by its simple, clean lines and its functionality. Mid-century furniture is often made of wood, and it is often stained or painted in a light color. This style of furniture is very popular today, and it can be found in many homes.

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