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Things you Need to Know about Wheelchair Ramps for Stairs

Things you Need to Know about Wheelchair Ramps for Stairs

Steps are often the access points for most homes but people, and it is not an easy task. For them, it isn’t easy to take steps and climb the stairs. And, when stairs pose a challenge, the best solution is to install Wheelchair Ramps for Stairs to preserve physical health and maintain independence.

Let’s jump right into the main facts and know more about these ramps.

Why Do you Need a Wheelchair Ramp?

The first question is that why do you need a wheelchair ramp? The answer is To make a smooth entry to a home or any other building. These days, people use these ramps in buildings, restaurants, businesses, hospitals, and homes. And these lifts help them to access any building safely.

Advantages of Wheelchair Ramps

A wheelchair rams for stairs is the best solution for those who want to go around their home independently and without the assistance of any other person. It eliminates the need for caretakers as the disabled person can move quickly on them. 

These lifts are durable and convenient, minimize the need for a person to transport individuals, and give more freedom to the person sitting in a wheelchair. Furthermore, these ramps add a safety factor to minimize any trips while walking up or down the steps. 

These ramps are safer for walkers as well as for those who are using a wheelchair. Plus, the one pushing the wheelchair must also push it with less effort because of the ramps.

Things to Know while Purcshing a Wheelchair Ramp

People who are new to this may not know about the features of ramps. So let’s discuss and learn about the most important things you need to know before buying these lifts.

Type of the Ramp

First, you need to decide what type of ramp you want for your home, as there are a comprehensive variety of ramps. For instance, 

Wheelchair Ramps

Folding Ramps

These are portable; you can fold them quickly when you are not using them. Moreover, you can remove them and take them with you when you have to go to another place.

Threshold Ramps

These are lightweight and portable ramps, but people who want help while entering through doorways need these ramps. These are higher than the walking surface and help them on the raised landings. 

Modular Ramps

Most homeowners install these ramps for their residences and are made in sections that can be broken down and reassembled anywhere. These are made up of aluminum and are larger than the lightweight ramps. 

Permanent Ramps

These ramps are permanent because they are made up of concrete or wood. These are built on-site, and you cannot remove them. These ramps require a building permit because once you have installed them, you cannot take them off the stairs.

Weight Capacity

Ramps are the surface on which the wheelchair user has to cross the stairs by sitting on them. It means he will not get up from the chair; therefore, the ramps must be solid and sturdy to bear the weight of the person and the wheelchair.

Professionals who manufacture these ramps with high-quality materials make these ramps strong. Moreover, before installation, determine the weight of the person and the wheelchair, making the entrance more smooth and safe.


While considering buying wheelchairs, one of the things that you should keep in mind is the durable nature of these ramps, as most people install them outside of their homes, where the ramp has to face harsh weather conditions.

These things can affect the functionality of the ramps and increase the risk of any accident. But, you can minimize this risk by purchasing a high-quality ramp that is slip resistant. So, no matter what the temperature is and how harsh the climate changes are, nothing can affect the functionality of these ramps.


Safety is one of the major concerns when it comes to disabled individuals. Therefore, ensure that the ramps you buy are made up of slip-resistant floors and the best quality that lasts long for years. So, the person who is pushing the wheelchair plus the person in the wheelchair is safe while walking down the ramps.


A Wise Investment

Spending money on the proper ramps means you are making a wise investment. If your ramps are safe, strong, bear significant weight, and are durable, it means you are concerned about the health of the disabled person and therefore installing these ramps. 

Where to Buy Them?

Now, an important question is where you will get the ramps with the qualities I mentioned above. You don’t need to worry because SPN Construction Mobility is here to help you. We have a wide range of collections of ramps that come in various designs, styles, and colors, and you can have the one that best suits your exterior. 

A Quick Wrap-Up!

To summarize the discussion above, we can say that to give disabled individuals the freedom to move, we must have these Wheelchair Ramps for Steep Stairs. It eliminates the risk of falling and any severe accidents because of the safety it provides to them. You can trust SPN Construction Mobility for the manufacturing of these ramps. Moreover, you can get customized ramps according to your requirements and the space available for the ramp. We ensure that we install these ramps properly so you can use them efficiently. The good news is that you will get the ramps at very affordable rates. So, enjoy the uncomplicated and smooth entrance that comes with durability.

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