6 Types Of NBN Connections In Australia

6 Types Of NBN Connections In Australia

Either a wired or a wireless connection, you can get a sophisticated broadband network connection in Australia, won’t you?

If you are an NBN user you must have found yourself asking the question what type of NBN do you have? Most Australians are now connected to the NBN connection as it offers a variety of collection types and services available. Knowing about all of these options will help you find the network plan and the internet service provider in your area. 

To overcome the cost challenges and be and decide to roll out a mix of different technology rather than sticking to one. This gives a huge outreach and also allows a faster role in leveraging existing network infrastructure. Here is a quick guide to NBN connection types to clear your understanding of NBN services.

Table Of Content

  1. Fiber To The Premises (FTTP)
  2. Fiber To The Building (FTTB)
  3. Fiber To The Curb (FTTC)
  4. Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial
  5. Fixed Wireless
  6. Satellite Connectivity

Fiber To The Premises (FTTP)

One of the fastest connection types In Australia, NBN has brought up the potential. FTTP is the original pan for the NBn but later on,, this type is backed down from a mass rollout. 

This connection is generally considered to be the best type of NBN connection and also the least common. If you are interested in upgrading to FTTP, you can pay the installation costs (which are expensive). The majority of the cost of FTTP is in extending the fiber to the street, and some neighborhoods are collaborating on sharing the cost. In this way, some of the costs can be shared.

Fiber To The Building (FTTB)

Fiber to the building or fiber to the node is the default Indian connection type. It involves a fiber line towards a Central location called a node. When you opt for fiber to the building connection the note is located at the end of your street. A copper telephone line is used to connect the note. This traditional approach results in a drop in performance.

Fiber to the Basement (FTTB) is an alternative to Fiber to the Building. This default approach is perfect for apartments and office blocks. In this connection type, a fiber cable is connected to the center spot in the building.

Fiber To The Curb (FTTC)

There are several ways to refer to Fiber to the Curb (FTTC) including Fiber to the Driveway (FTTD) and Fiber to the Distribution Point (FTTDP). There may be a better speed with this connection than with FTTN. Because the fiber optic cable is run to the nearest street pit, fiber optic cable is the fastest. However, the copper wiring runs only a few meters to your home, rather than the entire “last mile.”

Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial

Hybrid Fiber Coaxial is the same technology that is used to deliver TV cable subscriptions. If you already have a connection to cable TV, connecting to the NBN network will become more convenient. One of the great news for Aussies is that this connection usually uses insulated wires to minimize interference. When speed is the concern, HFC is more capable to take it up to FTTP. 

Fixed Wireless

For regional areas, NBN Co has introduced fixed wireless connections. In the areas where laying down the fiber cables is costly, fixed wireless connection works extraordinarily. In this connection type wires are connected to the transmission tower and then wireless signals are broadcast using an antenna. When it comes to the speed this type of Indian connection provides limited speed options. Depending on the plan you choose you can pick the speed that works best for you. Ensure the speed is eligible in your area.

Satellite Connectivity

Satellite connections are the most convenient connection for the regional and remote areas of Australia. In this connection type signals are broadcast by a satellite dish which further relays the signals to the users. This is by far the best type of new  NBN connection for the areas where no internet infrastructure exists.

However, in this connection type data limits and speed are limited. The entry-level plans do not offer a lot of data. Besides that, you will get the service of your choice with additional charges. When it comes to speed it is worth noting that satellite connection does not offer unlimited speed connection.


It is important to remember that you do not really get a choice when it comes to the type of NBN connection you get. A single connection will only be available at one type of premise, and upgrades will be extremely expensive, if available. There is a need for in-home cabling requirements, as well as multiple devices to be installed inside and outside your home. However, the wireless and satellite connections are convenient.

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